What You Need To Know About The Electric Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is one of the most iconic American vehicles. It's been around for over 50 years and has been involved in some of the most famous automotive events in history. The Bronco is also one of the most popular vehicles among off-road enthusiasts.

Now, Ford is bringing the Bronco back with an all-new model. And this time, it's electric.

The all-new Ford Bronco will be a battery-powered SUV with an estimated range of 300 miles. It will have four-wheel drive and a variety of different drive modes for different terrain.

The Bronco will be built on Ford's new modular electric vehicle platform, which will be used for a variety of different vehicles. The platform is designed for maximum flexibility, so it can be used for everything from small cars to large trucks.

The electric Bronco is just one of many new electric vehicles that Ford is planning to launch in the next few years. The company is also working on an all-electric version of the F-150 pickup truck, which is due out in 2020.

So far, Ford has not released any pricing information for the electric Bronco. But with the average price of a new vehicle in the United States now topping $35,000, it's safe to say that the Bronco will be one of the most expensive vehicles in Ford's lineup.

The electric Ford Bronco is one of the most anticipated vehicles of the year. Here's what you need to know about this groundbreaking SUV.

The electric Ford Bronco is an all-new SUV that is set to debut in 2020. The Bronco is based on the same platform as the Ford Explorer and will be built at the same plant in Chicago.

The electric Bronco will have a range of about 300 miles on a single charge and will be able to recharge in about two hours using a Level 2 charger.

The Bronco will have four-wheel drive and will be able to tow up to 5000 pounds.

The electric Bronco will start at about $50,000.

The Bronco is one of the most anticipated vehicles of the year and is sure to be a hit with SUV buyers.